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Ventless Fireplace Installation in Asheville, NC

Ventless gas fireplaces provide a clean, insect-free option for your home. They provide plenty of heat and come with safety features to keep your home warm, dry and safe.

At R-Pro Select, we have a reputation for excellence in the Asheville, NC area. If you’re ready to upgrade your home with a ventless fireplace, we’re the ones to call. 

Call R-Pro Select at (828) 651-9696 or contact us online to learn more about ventless fireplaces.

Why Ventless?

Since they don’t require vents or chimneys, ventless gas fireplaces cost less to install than vented gas fireplaces. All the heat produced by ventless fireplaces stays in the home, resulting in more heat per BTU produced.

If you have more questions about whether a ventless fireplace is right for you, call (828) 651-9696 or contact us online.

Types of Ventless Fireplaces

R-Pro Select offers installation of a variety of high-quality products from Superior Fireplaces®.

Linear style features bolder design options:


  •  A sleek, modern look featuring Diamond and Sapphire fiberglass.


  •  Clean design with a see-through option and clear glass media.

Traditional style builds on the standard cozy firebox design:

VRT/VCT4000Z Series

  •  Realistic look with a flickering ember bed, dancing yellow rear flame and glowing ember center log.

VRT2500 Series

  •  Versatile with a brick-patterned liner.

VRT3500 Series

  • Louverless design with brick-lined interior.

VRT6000 Series

  •  Larger firebox built from authentic masonry.

Call R-Pro Select at (828) 651-9696 or contact us online to see which ventless fireplace is right for you.

Ventless Fireplace Repair

To enjoy your ventless fireplace all winter, it’s important to stay on top of repairs as soon as you notice a problem.

Signs of needed repair may include:

  • Cracks or visible damage to the fireplace face
  • Smoke in the room with the fireplace
  • White stains resembling flour or chalk
  • Gas odors 

Call (828) 651-9696 or contact us online to schedule ventless fireplace repair.

Ventless Fireplace Maintenance

R-Pro Select ventless fireplace maintenance keeps your fireplace functioning safely and efficiently. We inspect your fireplace’s glass doors, which can get as hot as 400 degrees.

We’ll also inspect the fireplace hardware and look for cracks and leaks. The maintenance visit includes a thorough fireplace cleaning.

Call R-Pro Select at (828) 651-9696 or contact us online to schedule ventless fireplace maintenance or learn more about it.

Expert Fireplace Installation in Asheville, NC

Since 1996, R-Pro Select has proudly provided expert fireplace installation and repairs for the greater Asheville, NC area. We offer premium brands, expert work quality and competitive pricing.

Call (828) 651-9696 today to learn more about the best ventless fireplace for you.

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